Fear Not | DVD Trailer

By Donn Maeda

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Fear. You either shrink from it or embrace it. Fear is a state that motocrossers have to touch on a weekly or daily basis. How do they deal with it? How do they manage it? What drives a human being towards inexplicable risk, the limits of physical and mental endurance? Past films have looked at the soul and spirit of racing and riding but ‘Fear Not’ – the very first feature-length production by award-winning videographer Mikey Neale – gets inside the heads of some of the biggest names on the international scene. Insight sits next to inspiration as Neale and his colleagues employ their full range of skills and gadgetry to present these athletes and their capabilities in an utterly engrossing series of majestic clips and montages. McGrath, Wilson, Searle, Paulin, Hill and events like the Monster Energy Cup, and the Motocross of Nations sit next to imagery from free-riding haven Beaumont for this exhilarating ‘skin dip’ under motocross.


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Skills | Busy Practice Tracks With Broc Tickle

By Michael Antonovich

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In Southern California, it’s completely common for a pro racer to turn laps alongside a weekend warrior on a busy public practice tracks. While the seeing drastic difference in speed can be a bit unnerving at times, there’s a surprising lack of run-ins between those who get paid to race and those that pay to ride, thanks in part to the skill level possessed by the pros. During a recent day at Pala Raceway we watched as Broc Tickle logged a full 35-minute practice moto at a steady pace, practically unfazed by the slower vets and minis that he had encountered. At the conclusion of the session, the RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John’s/Suzuki Factory Racing rider shared a few words of advice that will come in handy when you run into traffic at your local track.

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Assess The Situation | You have to pay attention to where they are going, and because I ride here all summer and know who is who, I know what each rider will do. It’s mostly paying attention and not running into them. I don’t like to take chances if I don’t know the riders or what they’ll do.

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Send It? | It’s tough sometimes, like here at Pala there are big jumps that some guys won’t do, and they’ll roll it in the middle or the line you always jump in, so you have to quickly make the decisions to go for it or not.

Slice & Dice | It’s good if you can work on weaving in and out. If you come up on a couple of slower guys, you can really work on it. But remember the speed of the guys you are blowing past isn’t comparable to the ones you’ll be racing.

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Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice | Even if I mess up one lap, I won’t let it be the end of the world. If it becomes a problem, I blow it off my shoulders because it’s not race day, so I just let it go. On race day, you’ll have more issues than just one guy in your way.

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